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Cynis Celia - Infernal - Fiend by MiladydeWitch Cynis Celia - Infernal - Fiend by MiladydeWitch
"And Jealousy [has] a Human Face"

Name: Cynis Celia
Exalt type: Infernal (aka Green Sun Prince)
Age: 17
Caste: Fiend
Motivation: Become essential for Creation
Urge: To Corrupt

Theme Song: Hole - Celebrity Skin

Here's our Infernal Circle merry young widow. She's :iconinatheblue:'s character from :icongryf:'s Infernals campaign, we played on our annual vacation trip.
Celia is one of the Ebon Dragon's warped Solars, infernal version of Eclipses, called Fiends. Like their patron, they are egoistic, cunning beings, and Cynis Celia is no exception to that. She's also jealous - i.e. she's appearance 3, and can't stand the thought, that someone can look better (and some parts of her Circle unfortunately can).
She's a rich, spoiled dilettante, leading double life as a silly little party animal on the one hand, and a powerful, mysterious mafioso on the other. While attending lascivious parties of Dragon-Blooded, she's always ready to offer her arm to anyone, who wants to talk about his grudges, then to his adversaries, and fuel conflicts, while staying dearest friend to all sides.
Like most Green Sun Princess, at some point of her life Celia decided not to follow the path of great, heroic destiny, and regretted it ever after. For her this moment was time of her wedding with disgusting, old Dragon-blooded. She wanted to run away, and was prepared to do so, but backed out, because she was too scared of possible poverty. And that makes her a great material for a Fiend.

Her main social power is, I would say, the immortal power of girlish squeak.

Watercolours, golden ink and pencils, also nib pen & brushes. 305x229mm 300g watercolour paper.

I like how her dress turned out (I think I like drawing patterns, and chinese silk and Ebon Dragon were fun to paint), but I'm not satisfied with silhouette's face. I tried two slightly different looks and hair styles for Celia. I don't know which one is more her, on both she's a little too old, but then again she sure wears a loooot of make up, so she probably looks older than she is. I was told that Celia looks like "mean cheerleader type" from teen movies, with the word "bitch" written all over her face, so I tried to give her a little touch of Cordelia from early Buffy episodes.

I draw Ebon Dragon motives on her dress (look closer) and fan basing on the Mel Uran's illustration in Exxxalted - Scroll of Swallowed Darkness.
I used Turning Chinese 03 and other stocks from this great series by :iconserenestock: for a reference.
I also used some of Geisha Stock Pack 2 by :iconlucretia-stock: for a fan reference in a silhouette picture.
Big thanks to :iconferozstein: for cleaning the scan.

For details of the portrait look here.

Exalted, Infernals, Green Sun Princes, Solars, Ebon Dragon, Cynis (c) by White Wolf
inatheblue Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2009
Weeeee!!!! That's really her! So much really really her! Keep going with the good work, Eris :):)
MiladydeWitch Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2009
Yay! You can't imagine how happy I am, that I managed to make her look like she should. :boogie: I hope it's a good sigh for the future. :D
And thanks for the fav :hug:
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September 15, 2009
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